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Plans for Decorah's newest park are taking shape

Posted: Fri, Nov 20, 2020 10:27 AM
Carlson Park has 110 acres of property near St. Benedict's Cemetery

What should the Decorah Park-Rec Department do with Carlson Park, Decorah's newest park?  The Park-Rec Board met Thursday night with representatives from the consulting firm of Jeffrey L. Bruce of Des Moines to discuss that question at length.

"They gave us exactly what we wanted," says Decorah Park-Rec Director Andy Nimrod.  The board was presented with two possible concepts for developing the new park, along with a list of 11 questions which will help the Park Board figure out which direction to take.

Nimrod says both concepts were very complete, so park board members now have to begin narrowing the choices.  A big factor, of course, will be the amount of funding available for any projects.  Nimrod says the Park-Rec Department will probably tackle the little projects first, then will figure out how to get funding for the bigger projects.

Overall, however, Nimrod is happy with the progress being made by the park board and the consulting firm.  "They're getting there," he told