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Downtown Decorah Betterment Association is taking steps to improve downtown parking

Posted: Sat, Oct 17, 2020 3:48 PM

Downtown Decorah Betterment Association is taking action to improve parking convenience downtown.

The most visible step is the posting of new signs that are intended to serve as a constant reminder to all that the best on-street parking must be left for short-term customer use.

In the past, DDBA worked to have the words "customer parking" painted each year on each parking space to serve as a reminder.  However, for much of the year the paint was covered up by sand and snow. Sooner than desired, it would simply wear off.

The new signs will be visible permanently and year-round. DDBA's parking committee developed the idea and the design of the signs.  SSMID funded their fabrication, then the city street department mounted the signs.

DDBA parking committee chair Joe Grimstad says, "There are no laws that prohibit all-day parking in the streets downtown, nor are we looking to create them. Our goal is to create a 'culture' of leaving the best parking for customers. Essentially, that means maximizing awareness among members of the downtown community that parking on Water Street and at least one block off on north-south streets, such as Winnebago, should be left for the short-term, convenient use of customers."

So where should people who work downtown park their vehicles?  "Essentially, any area that is not marked with these signs is considered less vital for customers, and is appropriate for all-day use," states Sarah Iversen of the committee. "We welcome feedback as the signs are posted. Perhaps we overlooked an area that should be reserved as customer parking.  We are open to further suggestions."

Feedback and ideas can be emailed to committee chair Joe Grimstad at