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Gundersen Health System offers tips on what's safe and what's not safe to do during the COVID-19 outbreak

Posted: Thu, Mar 26, 2020 1:43 PM

You've heard all the messages about needing to be sheltered at home.  But what does that mean on a practical level?  Gundersen Health System is offering some tips about what's safe and what isn't.

It's safe to:

    -Go for a hike or walk
    -Read a book
    -Take a bike ride
    -Clean your house
    -Or enjoy other similar activities in your home or outside that don't require close contact with others

Use caution when:

    -Playing at playgrounds
    -Shopping in stores
    -Getting takeout at restaurants
    -Visiting other spaces where there is the potential to come into close contact with others or where germs likely live on surfaces you may touch

It's NOT safe to:

    -Host play dates
    -Socialize in groups
    -Attend birthday parties and other gatherings
    -Visit people if they (or you) are sick
    -Or partake in other group activities where it's difficult to avoid close contact with others