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Finally, "Ask Mr. (Electricity) Answer Person" gets some easy questions!

Posted: Tue, Apr 10, 2018 2:03 PM
The car is ours. The sign isn't.

Mr. (Electricity) Answer Person has opened his e-mails and has discovered some easy questions!  Here are the answers:

(Jeff asks: "How many Alliant Energy employees live in Decorah?"):

Mr. (Electricity) Answer Person says: "Alliant doesn't track where its employees live, but they do say, "17 employees serve the Decorah area."

(John asks, "Who would I contact about getting a vote 'yes' or a vote 'no' sign to put in my yard?"):

Mr. (Electricity) Answer Person says: "Go ahead--I dare you to put up both signs in your yard!  You can get a 'Vote Yes' sign by e-mailing  You can get a 'Vote No' sign by e-mailing

(Doug asks, "What's up with that 'Vote No' sign at the offices?"):

Mr. (Electricity) Answer Person says: "Not our sign!  We support our landlord's right to put up a 'Vote No' sign, but we want to state again we are not taking either side in this referendum.  We won't write an editorial telling you how to vote.  We are comfortable with criticizing either side if we think they've made a mistake, or praising them if they've done something good.  But the yard sign isn't ours!"