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Ask Mr. Answer Person--Nordic Fest wrap-up edition

Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2011 3:15 PM
One of the troll footprints

Andy e-mails: "Dear Mr. Answer Person: What are the red/pink monster footprints painted all over Water street?  Were they part of Nordic Fest?"

Mr. Answer Person says: "Good guess!  The footprints were put on the street on behalf of the Nordic Fest Board as a way to guide visitors to the food booths on Water Street.  They're technically "Troll prints!"

And before you go asking questions about the environmental impact of the signs, you should know that they're not paint, but sprayed-on chalk that is biodegradable.  As soon as the first heavy rain comes, the troll footprints will disappear--until the next Nordic Fest.

Ellen e-mails: "Are you able to reveal the identity of the "stilt man" and where he is from?  This wonderful entertainer was at Nordic Fest for the second consecutive year as the "troll dude" and his cousin, the "Viking."  The Nordic Fest is certainly getting their money's worth in this professional comedian who "stilted" around the grounds for 2 days straight (at least that's what I was aware of), and of course, stilted the parade route.  He would change costumes and then switch from one personality to the next, very quick-witted, extremely entertaining, while patiently posing for photos the entire time (not to mention, he has to be a fit "athlete" to withstand the intense heat and humidity).  This Minnesota Viking fan finds that the stilt man was in sharp contrast to Ragnar (Minnesota Viking mascot), who I was hoping to see roam the grounds (perhaps I missed him), and capture a photo.  My apologies to Ragnar, but seeing him ride in a convertible for the parade just didn't excite me, as compared to being able to interact with him.  Kudos to the stilt man and I hope the Nordic Fest committee can lure him back for future fests!  Stilt man, you rock!"

Mr. Answer Person says: David Braddick is the real name of "Stilt Man."  Just like Ragnar, this costumed character hails from Minnesota.

Nordic Fest Board members say they're very much aware of the great job Braddick has done the last two years.  That's not a guarantee that he'll be back next year, but it sounds pretty promising!