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Letter to the Editor: Increase the can and bottle deposit to 10 cents per container

Posted: Tue, Jan 12, 2021 11:07 AM

(The following Letter to the Editor has been submitted by Dale Johnson of Decorah):

"I have heard that the can redemption law may be addressed by the state legislature this year. I think the redemption rate should be increased to ten cents a container.

1. It would probably encourage more redemption sites to open, creating more jobs.  These businesses could then make a return on their investment.

2. Grocery stores don't want to be in the redemption business.  This would be one way for them to opt out.  They have been charging the redemption charge, but this last year with the virus, refused to redeem cans.

3. More cans along roads would be picked up. You probably remember when the law first started, people were out picking up cans for extra cash money.

4. This would also benefit fundraising groups. People used to donate cans to help their charities. By raising the rate to ten cents, they could realize a better amount raised.

The can redemption rate has not been adjusted in some 40 years. There have been lots of changes since its inception.   Incomes and expenses are two areas that have changed. Please try to do something good for the whole state of Iowa."