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The State of Iowa's coronavirus website now has a new feature—vaccine administration

Posted: Tue, Jan 12, 2021 10:54 AM

The Iowa Department of Public Health has had a website tracking COVID-19 cases since the epidemic begin last March.  Now that website has a new feature--vaccine administration.

At this point, when readers visit the website and click on the link, a PDF will download with various statistics.  Those include the total number of COVID-19 vaccines administered in Iowa so far (roughly 100,000) and the number of COVID-19 vaccine series completed (under 6,000).

The information also includes a map with statistics for all 99 Iowa counties on the number of total doses administered to county residents.  As of Tuesday morning, 756 COVID-19 vaccine doses had been administered to Winneshiek County residents.

There is also a map of the number of vaccine series completed by county.  Iowa's ten largest counties are the only places so far where this has happened, due to the need for special coolers for the Pfizer vaccine.