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Local chiropractor pledges to give away profits to charities

Posted: Thu, Jan 7, 2021 10:33 AM

When COVID started impacting Decorah, local chiropractor Dr. Laurie Meinholz of Nordic Chiropractic realized quickly how fortunate she was to be considered an essential worker.  She was grateful for her ability to keep working, but she also felt a sense of helplessness as she worried about those left financially vulnerable. Dr. Laurie recalls, "I kept hearing about people not being able to pay rent or losing their jobs. I want people to do well in our community, and I started thinking about my own responsibility to help."

After lots of sleepless nights and loads of self-reflection, Dr. Laurie asked herself a pivotal question about changing her life to help change others' lives: "What if I just give away my profit?"

And that's just what she's going to do.

Every three months, Dr. Laurie will donate all of her quarterly profits to a non-profit or charity in the Decorah area. Choosing which organization will be up to her patients. Dr. Laurie will nominate four different organizations each quarter, and her patients will get to "vote" on which one should receive the funds.  Dr. Laurie says, "I don't want to say this is just from me.  This is also from my patients." At the end of the quarter, patient votes will be tallied and then the winning organization will be notified.

ArtHaus, the Decorah Community Food Pantry, Helping Services for Youth & Families, and Project Linus are in the running for the first quarter's donation.  Dr. Laurie says patient voting will continue until the end of March, and then she will plan on delivering the donation the first week of April. The three organizations that do not win will be eligible to be in the running again at a later date.

On Monday, Dr. Laurie announced her plans in a video on her Facebook page. She says she has already received lots of supportive feedback. She adds, "By making this public, I'm hoping people will reevaluate where and how they spend their own money.  I want to inspire and motivate others to be generous. Sometimes people just need an example to follow."