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Once again, Chickasaw County residents traveled during a holiday

Posted: Wed, Jan 6, 2021 11:29 AM

In December, told you ( that Chickasaw County residents were in the top ten of smaller counties in the United States for traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday, despite recommendations by health officials against traveling during the COVID-19 epidemic.  Now the same company which created the Thanksgiving statistics—AdvisorSmith—has released its Christmas holiday statistics—and once again Chickasaw County residents are in the top 10 for small counties in the United States.
The new study, "Counties and States That Traveled the Most Over Christmas," listed Chickasaw County as 9th on the small county list.  It also ranked the entire state of Iowa 4th for the most residents who took trips the week of Christmas. Iowans took 64.8 long-distance trips per 1000 residents during the week of Christmas, compared with a nationwide average of 36.  Chickasaw County residents took 166 long-distance trips per 1,000 residents during Christmas week, the highest average among all 99 Iowa counties.
Again, AdvisorSmith's research and full study are available at: