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The Decorah Historical Preservation Commission is trying to learn the history of the Locust Road cave

Posted: Tue, Jan 5, 2021 11:02 AM

If you drive north on Locust Road, heading out of the Decorah city limits, when you look to the left, there's a man-made cave.  The cave has become more noticeable since Locust Road was reconstructed and the cave was left intact, but with cleared surroundings.
That's why the Decorah Historical Preservation Commission, which is meeting on Wednesday afternoon, has begun trying to research the history of the cave.  It's somewhat of a murky history.
When The Answer Person tried to respond to a reader's question in 2011 (, the most likely story was that the cave had been built to store dynamite when road crews were blasting through the nearby rock.  After the road was completed, the cave reportedly was used as a cold place to store beer!  However, those stories have never been confirmed, so the Historical Preservation Commission has decided to find out the history of the cave.
Stay tuned!