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A throwback to another one of our favorites from 2020

Posted: Mon, Jan 4, 2021 1:00 PM
Photo courtesy of Nick Chill

In March, we shared a story about a beloved cat who roams the popular pet supply store in downtown Decorah. In the article, Lulu & BB's store owners Brent and Tovah Steinhofer tell of how GiGi had become unofficially the most popular cat in our town.  This is one of favorite stories from 2020 because it highlights GiGi's playful shenanigans at one of the unique stores that makes downtown Decorah a destination for visitors and community members alike. The article is high on the list of our favorites also because it relays the important information of the trap, neuter, release (TNR) program. Check out the full article here.

We asked Steinhofer about how GiGi has been doing in the last 10 months, and here's what he replied:

"So like many of us GiGi has put on her Covid10 (pounds, that is). But she is still as spunky as ever. (She's actually running around meowing as I type this.)  She certainly missed her dog friends during our shut-down, and I worried she would come to the realization she is in fact a cat. But like riding a bike, she is back to playing with her little dog friends.

GiGi also had a roommate for a few weeks, Cleo. Cleo was a cat we had found with a significant leg injury. We were going to foster her till she had surgery but due to other health issues we were not able to surgically repair the leg. Good news is, it doesn't seem to bother her, and she is enjoying her new forever home.

GiGi is still very popular and continues to receive daily visitors which we love. One of her favorite activities is showing off and particularly by running around on the ledge that frames the store walls."

2020 was a year of many changes, but we at are happy to hear that GiGi isn't fazed at all and is continuing to run the store just as she was last March.