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A Decorah family is given an historic Decorah-made radio

Posted: Sun, Jan 3, 2021 10:09 PM

Did you know that a Decorah company used to manufacture radios here?

The company was called Tatro Radio.  It started making radios in 1930.  Eventually it moved to the present Armory Building on the corner of Water and Mechanic Streets.

Most of the radios it manufactured have disappeared, not surprisingly, but now a Decorah family--John and Sondy Carver--recently were gifted a 1933 L. Tatro Cathedral model "A" battery powered farm radio.

Says John Carver, "This antique was part of the living room on grandfather's farm in the early thirties."  While the radio appeared to be in fairly good shape, the Carvers contacted an antique restoration specialist for rejuvenation.  They also changed battery operation to alternating current.  Says Carver, "Now we enjoy its history through the speaker just as though listening on the farm."

(The Tatro Radio photo is courtesy of  For more information about the Model A, visit: