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Downing Addition could be the next focus of the city's sidewalk construction program

Posted: Tue, Dec 29, 2020 11:00 AM

When the City of Decorah rolled out a plan to install sidewalks in areas of the city which don't have sidewalks, it was seen as a five-year program (  That was in August of 2017.  Since then, some sidewalks in downtown Decorah have been fixed, but a proposal to install sidewalks in the Bruening Addition is still being fought by residents there.

Undeterred, the City of Decorah is looking at beginning Phase 2 of the program next year.  City Administrator Chad Bird told a city council work session Monday night, "I think the Downing Addition is our next focus area."

City council members say they will have to do a better job of explaining to the public that the entire community is included in the five-year program.  City council member Steve Zittergruen says it's important for property owners to learn that they're not being targeted.  Fellow city council members Ross Hadley says the city needs to copy the approach it took with Locust Road, where several newsletters were sent out to residents, keeping them informed about the status of that road project.

Bird says he has been working with the city's engineers and with its legal team to draw up a new list for 2021 of places where homeowners will be required to pay for new sidewalks where they currently don't exist.