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Winneshiek Medical Center's staff begins receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Posted: Tue, Dec 22, 2020 3:28 PM
Dr. Kevin Locke receives the COVID-19 vaccine from RN Becky Langreck.

The first shipment of 400 Moderna COVID-19 vaccine doses has arrived at Winneshiek Medical Center.  Vaccination of staff began immediately on Tuesday afternoon.

Mayo Clinic Health System family medicine physicians Dr. Kevin Locke and Dr. Andy Goodner were among the first front line staff to be vaccinated. Front line staff include those who provide direct patient care or who give direct support  to patients.

Dr. Goodner says, "I am excited that we now can start vaccinating to begin to end what has been a long, exhausting and heartbreaking pandemic.  My thanks go out to our front line nurses and aides who have borne the brunt of the work in caring for our community through this pandemic.  They are priceless and help is now on the way."

Dr. Locke adds, "Until further guidance is provided, we will continue to follow social distancing, masking and isolation/quarantine guidelines, but this day marks the beginning of the end."

Winneshiek County Public Health is directing local vaccine distribution.  It will be done in a phased approach. Health care workers are among the first to receive the vaccine.  At this point, however, vaccinations of the public have not begun and there is no list to which the public can add their name.

Winneshiek Medical Center Chief Administrative Officer Lisa Radtke called the start of vaccinations "an historic day for our community and our Winneshiek Medical Center staff."   She added, "Protection for our staff means protection for our patients and all those we serve.  In receiving the vaccine, we are excited to begin building a community of immunity!"