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Three Winneshiek County Supervisors attend their final meeting as Supervisors

Posted: Mon, Dec 21, 2020 1:56 PM
(Left to right): Supervisors Dean Thompson, John Logsdon and Mark Kuhn

After serving on the Winneshiek County Board for a combined 28 years, three members of the board have spent their final Monday morning as board members.

Supervisor John Logsdon was elected to the board in 2002, while supervisors Dean Thompson and Mark Kuhn joined Logsdon in 2012.

On Monday morning, Sheriff Dan Marx stopped by the supervisors' meeting to tell the three that "this board has been fantastic to work with."  Marx said sheriffs in other Iowa counties sometimes complain at sheriffs meetings about the relationship they have with their county board, but Marx says he always speaks up and tells them that his experience is just the opposite.

Supervisor Floyd Ashbacher told the departing supervisors they were "a great bunch of people to work with."  Ashbacher praised them for always working together on trying to solve issues involving the county.

Said Kuhn in response, "It's always been a pleasure."  Like the others, he credited the county board's effectiveness to its habit of taking time to search for the right answer to any problem.  "We never sought a quick solution," he said.