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On the sidewalks of Decorah--relief from house sparrow poop!

Posted: Mon, Dec 21, 2020 1:49 PM
The Sparkle Clean van was parked in front of the bank sidewalk Monday morning

The issue of the cleanliness of sidewalks in downtown Decorah seems to have dominated local news in recent weeks.  On Monday, relief for pedestrians--at least, partial relief--took place.

Crews from Sparkle Clean were parked outside the Bank of the West office on Water Street, spraying the bird poop off the nearby sidewalks and from the side of the bank building.

The spraying provides at least temporary relief.  Many pedestrians had been complaining that the late afternoon and evening nestings of the birds on top of the bank's sign had created a hazardous sidewalk.  That won't be the case for the present, thanks to the power washing on Monday.