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Northeast Iowa reports a decline in active COVID-19 cases

Posted: Mon, Dec 21, 2020 11:19 AM

Winneshiek County leads the way in active COVID-19 cases in NE Iowa, but the numbers are lower than last week. A similar decline in active cases since last Monday is true for all six counties in northeast Iowa.

As of Monday morning, Winneshiek County reports 383 active cases (down by 49), Allamakee County reports 359 active cases (down by 20), Clayton County reports 231 active cases (down by 121), Fayette County reports 253 active cases (down by 98), Howard County reports 159 active cases (down by 57), and Chickasaw County reports 179 active cases (down by 6).

Monday's figures show Clayton County with 1,298 total cases, Winneshiek County with 1,297 total cases, Fayette County with 1,244 total cases, Allamakee County with 1,096 total cases, Chickasaw County with 996 total cases, and Howard County with 664 total cases.

Clayton County reports the highest death rate in NE Iowa with 36, followed by Allamakee County with 19, and Winneshiek County with 17. Fayette County and Howard County both report 15 deaths, and Chickasaw County reports 10 deaths.