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Decorah City Council approves the city's purchase of a house so it can be torn down

Posted: Mon, Dec 21, 2020 1:05 PM

The Decorah City Council Monday night unanimously supported a proposal for the city to buy a house at 701 Maple Avenue--and then tear it down.

The City of Decorah now will enter into an agreement for the purchase of the property, paying the owner $40,000.  The plan is to tear down the house, then ask for proposals to develop the parcel into an affordable housing project.

Decorah City Council member Steve Luse called the project "a worthwhile endeavor" and expressed his hope the city would tackle other such projects.  City council members Steve Zittergruen and Andy Carlson agreed this project is worthwhile, but they said they were not sure it should become a regular practice for the city.

Decorah City Administrator Chad Bird agreed with the city council members that the project is worthwhile, saying, "I've been dealing with this property for a long, long time."