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The Decorah Police Department is offering a new service for people heading out of town for the winter

Posted: Sun, Dec 20, 2020 12:27 PM

The Decorah Police Department is now offering "Vacation Watch"--a new, free service provided to city residents who have left town.

The program serves to periodically check on a house while the residents are away. Citizens living within the city limits can be placed on the "Vacation Watch" list by completing an online form on the police department's website or by calling the Decorah Police Department at 563-482-3667. When your home is listed with the Decorah Police Department, officers will periodically stop and check on your home. If any sign of forced entry or unexpected change occurs, you or your emergency contacts will also be contacted.

This service is available only to residents inside the Decorah City limits. Although this is not a guarantee that your home will not be damaged or burglarized, it gives you some added protection.  Residents are also encouraged to make arrangements with family members, friends or neighbors to check on your home.

The Decorah Police Department says it strongly suggests that you stop all mail and newspaper delivery prior to your departure and that you leave a key with a personal contact or trusted neighbor.

This service is not intended for vacant homes, summer homes, houses for sale or hospital (indefinite) stays.  Also, notifying the police department that you are leaving your home and the details of your absence will allow police officers to make extra patrols through your neighborhood, but cannot be a guarantee that your home will not be burglarized or vandalized while you are gone.