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Have the Decorah bald eagles built a new nest?

Posted: Thu, Dec 17, 2020 11:53 AM

The  Raptor Resource Project is trying to solve a mystery: Where have Decorah's famous bald eagles gone?  The organization has received a report of a new bald eagles nest in the area.  But a search for the new nest has turned up empty so far this week.

Raptor Resource Project experts did see two adult eagles and a juvenile eagle perched on the east side of a rock near the fish hatchery, but farther away than they would expect an alternate nest to be.  At the same time, they saw Dad and Mom perched together on a maple tree at the hatchery.

A post by Raptor Resource Project, says, "We are observing locally and remotely, but we are being very careful not to spook Mom or DM2 in the process: not at N2B, not at the hatchery, and not anywhere else. Eagles and other birds of prey can be quite sensitive to disturbance early in the nesting season, which is why we do our camera work in September. Mom and DM2 are used to seeing people around the hatchery and on the bike trail, but they've usually maintained a buffer, nesting near bike trails, homes, and sheds, but not right over them. We will respect them by keeping our distance while monitoring their activity…We respectfully ask that you do the same."

In the meantime, the north nest camera is still active.  Follow this link to take a look: