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The Decorah School District and City of Decorah are finalizing an agreement about the Decorah HS softball diamond

Posted: Tue, Dec 15, 2020 10:15 AM

When the Decorah Viking softball team plays a home game, the softball diamond it uses sits on property owned not by the Decorah Community School District, but by the City of Decorah.  The two local governments have had a working relationship in past years.

But the Decorah School District is in the middle of making almost $400,000 in improvements to the softball diamond.  As a result, the two sides have decided to formalize their working agreement.  Decorah High school Athletic Director Adam Riley says the construction project is "a good opportunity to formalize" the relationship of the two governments.  Riley says the document—which now has been approved by the Decorah School Board—puts into writing what steps have been taken in the past.