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Five St. Benedict School students honored at the Invention Convention

Posted: Mon, Dec 14, 2020 11:03 AM
(left to right): Henry Hahn, Owen Mount, Lydia Peterson, Mitch Fullhart and Garet Zahasky

The Third Grade Invention Convention at St. Benedict School this month resulted in all the investors and their inventions receiving enough points to go on to the State Invent Iowa competition in Iowa City.

Five entries were the top scoring inventions.  Garet Zahasky finished third with his "Camper Buddy 3000" invention, which outfitted a remote control car with a serving tray, cup and plate holder.  Mitchel Fullhart finished second with "tree dryer," a PCP pipe stand which allows children's winter clothes to dry faster.  Lydia Peterson finished first with "Feline Foto 3000," a kitty photo booth with a motion detection camera.  The Student Choice Award was won by Owen Mount for his "Glow Box," a tackle box outfitted with LED Lights to be used when fishing at night.

The "Top Inventor" award was won by Henry Hahn, whose "Lick & Sip" was a 3D printed ice cream holder with a straw to catch ice cream cone drips