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Letter to the Editor: I'm concerned about the selection of members for the Municipal Electric Utility Task Force

Posted: Sun, Dec 13, 2020 3:33 PM

(The following Letter to the Editor is from Scott Kirkeberg of Decorah, who volunteered to be on the MEU Task Force, but was not chosen):

"I would like to thank Mayor Borowski for considering me to be a member of the electric utility task force.  Unfortunately, I was not able to meet the strict criteria of the Decorah City Council.  I have just retired from 38 years of working in the electrical utility industry with the last 31 years in Decorah with Interstate Power and Alliant Energy. 

I was hoping I could bring input about the structure of the Decorah electrical system, the make-up of the service territory and the challenges of an electric company that has to serve the Decorah area.

Our city council has this commitment to diversity, equality and fairness to all, but apparently discrimination is not one of their core values.  I thought a task force was used to study all sides of a situation to hopefully come to a conclusion which will meet EVERYBODY'S best interests."