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That 200-year-old oak tree near Highlandville might not be 200 years old

Posted: Sun, Dec 13, 2020 3:14 PM
There is a red pin for every 50 rings on the tree

We've told you about the Highlandville area resident, Warren Shuros, who thought he had a 200-year-old oak tree on his property.  Shuros made plans to use the wood of the tree to make shelves and tables and other projects as fundraising efforts for Batten Disease research or for the North and South Bear Creek Watersheds through the Winneshiek County Community Foundation.

The tree was cut down in October.  Now Shuros has had time to count the rings on the tree--and he's counted 305 of them.

That would mean the tree first started growing in 1715.  That was not only more than 60 years before the United States was formed, it was a time when Blackbeard was sailing the seas near Europe.

You can read our original story about Shuros and the old oak tree at: