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Winneshiek County passes Fayette County in total number of COVID-19 cases

Posted: Fri, Dec 11, 2020 11:59 AM

The latest figures from the Iowa Department of Public Health show that there have been 1,184 Winneshiek County residents positively diagnosed with COVID-19 this year.  That pushes Winneshiek County past the total of COVID-19 cases in Fayette County, which had been higher.

The latest figures show Clayton County with a total of 1,244 positive diagnoses of COVID-19 among their residents, with 24 people dying, 843 people recovering and 377 people still in quarantine or isolation.

In Winneshiek County, the 1,184 positive cases of COVID-19 include 15 deaths, 735 people who have recovered and 434 who are still in quarantine or isolation--the highest figure of current COVID-19 infections among the six counties in NE Iowa.

Fayette County is now in third place in total cases, with 1,172 cases since March.  Of those cases, there have been 14 deaths, 790 recoveries and 368 people who are currently in quarantine or isolation.

For Allamakee County, its total of 995 cases of COVID-19 puts it in fourth place among NE Iowa counties.  17 of those people have died from COVID; 603 have recovered; and 375 are still recovering.

Chickasaw County has had 956 COVID-19 cases since March.  Nine of those people have died, 760 have recovered and 187 are still recovering.

Howard County has the lowest number of COVID-19 cases (617), but also the lowest population.  15 Howard County residents have died, 382 residents have recovered and 220 are still in either quarantine or isolation.

In all, 94 NE Iowa residents have lost their lives to COVID-19.