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Ask the Answer Person: The City of Decorah needs to do something about pigeons!

Posted: Thu, Dec 10, 2020 11:55 AM
(Photo courtesy of Ross Hadley)

(Brian e-mails: "The pigeon issue downtown is an embarrassment.  I can't tell you the number of people who have complained.  The city needs to do something about this!"):

The Answer Person says: "Actually, property owners are responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks in residential and commercial areas of the city.  There's no doubt the situation has become a big nuisance, especially in downtown Decorah—our photos should be proof.

City Administrator Chad Bird says he is willing to have the City of Decorah help property owners to find a solution.  The Answer Person would suggest e-mailing Chad Bird about your willingness to meet with him and then contacting the owners of property where the pigeons are the biggest nuisance to make sure they attend a meeting as well."

UPDATE: Decorah City Council member Ross Hadley says he attempted to locate a Bank of the West employee in Decorah, Cedar Rapids or  Omaha who would be responsible for building maintenance.  Finding no one who had direct responsibility for the Decorah branch, he and Amundsons Clothing manager Jarret Johnson donned their masks and gloves and used some cleaning supplies to make the downtown safe from poop once again!  Thanks to Ross and Jarret.  Let's also keep working with Bank of the West and other downtown businesses to make our sidewalks safe again! ("Make all sidewalks safe again," or "MASSA")

This is what the sidewalk used to look like
The siding of the Bank of the West building