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Coronavirus vaccine shots could be given in Winneshiek County starting December 28th

Posted: Thu, Dec 10, 2020 11:45 AM

Winneshiek County Health Director Krista Vanden Brink says federal health officials are telling her that the coronavirus vaccine could be available in Winneshiek County starting Monday, December 28th.  However, the vaccines will be given first to health workers and to people in long-term care facilities.

The vaccine will be provided through CVS pharmacies to the long-term care patients in Ossian, while Walgreen's will provide the vaccine at the county's other long-term care facilities.  The two national pharmacy chains typically split vaccine shots into three clinics at each facility, so scheduling issues do not interfere.

Vanden Brink says there will not be enough vaccine to cover every health care worker in the county at first, but health care workers still are considered top priorities to receive the vaccine, along with long-term care residents and staff.