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Letter to the Editor: Here's the truth about our Thanksgiving dinner

Posted: Wed, Dec 9, 2020 8:42 AM

(The following Letter to the Editor has been submitted by Rob Sand of Des Moines in response to a Letter to the Editor by Paul Hunter of Decorah which accused Rob's father, Dr. Kevin Sand of Decorah, of not practicing what he preached about COVID-19 precautions):

"Hi to all my Decorah friends and acquaintances- I hope you all are doing well and hope to see you sometime soon.

I'm not going to be quiet when someone makes a completely false attack against my dad. Paul Hunter claimed in his letter that my dad broke his own recommendation not to 'share air' with family over the holidays.

On Thanksgiving, my parents sat on our screened porch, open air on 3 sides, while we sat inside the house. My family: inside. My parents: outside. Glass windows between us and a cell phone on speakerphone made for a creatively careful Thanksgiving, in which we did not 'share the air.' Here's the picture that Paul Hunter referenced in his letter, but decided not to show you. He also didn't tell you that the post that came with the picture said I was thankful for 'a screened porch for those not in our germ pool.'

Or maybe Paul Hunter was talking about a picture of us, outside, 12 feet apart, by a fire. That in fact is consistent with my dad's safety recommendations, such as the idea for the City of Decorah to increase the availability of outdoor gathering places and firepits for others, as transmission is far less likely outdoors. The City, to their credit, acted on that idea for everyone. Good work, Dad.

So, there's the whole truth. What a waste of everyone's time. The good news is, just about every complaint I hear about me (or my dad, I guess) is a lie. I must be doing a good job if that's the best they can come up with."