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Winneshiek County's election results are now official

Posted: Thu, Dec 3, 2020 10:39 AM

The results from the 2020 general election in Iowa—in Winneshiek County and the 98 other Iowa counties—are now official.  The State Canvassing Board, which is made up of Iowa's Governor, Secretary of State, Secretary of Agriculture, State Auditor and State Treasurer, has now signed off on all the results.

Election turnout was the highest in state history, with more than 1.7 million voters casting ballots. Iowa's turnout percentage of 76 percent was one of the highest in the nation.  Voter turnout was 1,700,130, setting a new state record. The previous high was 1,589,951 set in 2012.

Iowa voters set another record—the 1,001,573  absentee ballots cast in the election was the highest percentage ever, accounting for 58.9 percent of all ballots cast.