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November was very warm in Decorah

Posted: Wed, Dec 2, 2020 4:45 PM

The average temperature in Decorah in November was 35.2 degrees--a full 8 degrees higher than the average November temperatures over the past.

That helped November of 2020 to become the 4th warmest November on record for the past 128 years when records have been kept.  There were four records set for high temperatures--75 degrees on November 3rd, which tied the record set in 2008; 74 degrees on November 4th, which broke the 2008 record of 73 degrees; 76 degrees on November 5th, which broke the 1895 record of 73 degrees; and 74 degrees on November 9th, which broke the 1999 record of 73degrees.

There were also three records set for highest low temperatures--56 degrees on November 7th, which tied the record set in 1918; 57 degrees on November 8th, which broke the 1977 record of 52 degrees; and 63 degrees on November 9th, which broke the 1931 record of 58 degrees.

The figures, which were compiled by Decorah meteorologist Richard Bernatz, show that the average temperature of 59.4 degrees for the seven-day stretch of November 4th through the 10th was the warmest on record for those seven days.

November weather in Decorah was on the dry side, with a total of 1.60 inches of precipitation, 1.2 inches of which fell on November 10th.  The total precipitation was 0.25 inches less than the average of 1.85 inches.