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Fireworks display will be held at 6:30 Thursday night

Posted: Wed, Dec 2, 2020 11:15 AM
The fireworks display in 2019

Helping Services for Youth & Families, as part of its Holiday Lights event, will shoot off fireworks Thursday evening at 6:30 from the "Nordic Fest location" behind the football stadium.

The coordinator of the fireworks display—Mick Layden—says the new location will give the fireworks crew much easier access and the flexibility to fill more of the sky while still maintaining safe distances to the spectators.

Layden, who coordinated last year's fireworks display as well, tells, "We'll be shooting hundreds of devices that are called comets and mines. These are each a single pyrotechnic charge that is electronically fired to very precise timing. Comets leave the ground with a single burning star — think of the trail we saw behind the Neowise comet earlier this summer. Mines leave the ground with a spray of smaller stars. These come in many colors, and can be shot in sequences that are only limited by the pyrotechnician's imagination."

Layden says, "We hope to give people a memorable show that reflects the festive mood of the season!"

Parking locations for the 2020 fireworks display