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Depot Outlet awards $1,000 grant to ArtHaus for a community natural dye garden

Posted: Wed, Dec 2, 2020 11:05 AM

ArtHaus has received $1,000 from The Depot Outlet to help pay for a Community Natural Dye Garden Project.

The garden will be located west of ArtHaus' building and will measure 10 feet by 36 feet.  It will have various vegetables, fruits, flowers, and roots which can be used to make natural dyes. A homemade rain barrel will be constructed for rainwater harvesting. The garden will be open to the community for educating, learning, harvesting, exploring, and reflecting.

ArtHaus and Seed Savers have partnered together to plan details of the garden, with Seed Savers donating seeds for the garden. Beginning with the first harvest, seeds will be preserved each year and will be available to the community.

For more information on this project, visit, email, call (563) 382-5440, or write to ArtHaus at 107 W. Broadway St., Decorah, IA, 52101.