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No learning model change at this time for Decorah schools

Posted: Mon, Nov 16, 2020 10:06 AM

Decorah School District officials say they will not make a change to their learning model at this time.  Staff continue to monitor COVID-19 data on a daily basis.

Decorah School Superintendent Mark Lane commented, "While we monitor the Winneshiek County 14-day positivity rate, we give our greatest attention to student and staff absenteeism. We are pleased with the rates we have been able to maintain over the past several weeks. We believe our schools are among the safest places for our students to be each day."

Lane continued, "Many schools have been forced to make learning model changes because of inadequate staffing levels. I have talked recently with superintendents in districts where buildings are experiencing employee quarantining and isolation rates between 25 to 35 percent. This is not our experience."  Lane says it has been over three weeks since a staff member tested positive for COVID-19, and each staff member who has tested positive has recovered and returned to work.