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2020 Election wrap-up: Red wave sweeps through Winneshiek County

Posted: Wed, Nov 4, 2020 8:18 AM

In the ten Winneshiek County political races selected on the basis of political party, Republicans won nine of them on Tuesday.

The Republican candidates for President, US Senator, US Representative, State Senator District 26, State Senator District 28, State Representative District 51, State Representative District 55, County Supervisor District 4 and County Supervisor District 5, the Republican candidate gathered the most votes.  The lone exception was in County Supervisor District 3, where Democrat Shirley Vermace edged Republican Julie Askelson.

The Winneshiek County Board results mean there will be only two incumbents serving on the board come January.  Incumbent supervisors John Logsdon and Dean Thompson did not run for re-election, while incumbent supervisor Mark Kuhn lost a re-election bid in District 5.