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Winneshiek County nears 400 COVID-19 cases

Posted: Tue, Oct 13, 2020 2:51 PM

The latest statistics from Winneshiek County show an increase of 54 cases over the past 15 days for a total of 393 positive COVID-19 cases, with 294 people recovered.

In NE Iowa, those 393 cases give Winneshiek County the highest total number of cases, followed by Clayton County with 321 cases, Chickasaw County with 310 cases, Allamakee County with 297 cases, Fayette County with 291 cases, and Howard County with 214 cases--a total of 1,826 cases in the six-county area, an increase of 284 cases in the past 15 days.

Northeast Iowa has seen a total of 30 deaths from COVID-19. Winneshiek County tops the list with 9 deaths, followed by 8 deaths in Allamakee County, 7 deaths in Howard County, 3 deaths in Clayton County, 2 deaths in Fayette County, and 1 death in Chickasaw County. The death toll has increased by 7 in the past 15 days.