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COVID-19 numbers in the Decorah School district remain low

Posted: Sat, Oct 10, 2020 2:20 PM

The latest statistics from the Decorah Community School District show a very slight increase in the number of Decorah High School students exposed to COVID-19, but otherwise, numbers remain fairly low.

Statistics compiled from Thursday's class figures show fewer than six students in the entire school district with positive COVID-19 test results.  A total of 27 students have been in isolation or quarantine because of being exposed to someone with COVID-19 (the students have not tested positive).

Nine Decorah Middle School students and eight Decorah High School students were in isolation or quarantine as of Thursday.

The Decorah School District has developed guidelines for students to use to determine whether they need to stay home or go home and when, if they have gone home, they can return to school.  Those guidelines are linked below.