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Iowa Department of Public Health declares Aase Haugen COVID-19 outbreak is officially over

Posted: Tue, Oct 6, 2020 3:44 PM

The Iowa Department of Public Health is announcing that Aase Haugen nursing home is no longer in a COVID-19 outbreak status.

The announcement Tuesday came 47 days after the nursing home was placed into outbreak status after several residents and staff tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. During the outbreak, the nursing home was required to follow strict guidelines regarding virus testing, visitation, and daily management of residents in isolation and quarantine.

Said Aase Haugen administrator Orson Bauder, "We are no longer in outbreak status, which means we are able to accept flowers, goods and food items from certified-kitchens."  Bauder says the change in status means Aase Haugen is now working on scheduling outdoor family visits as well as visits that can happen inside the building.  Aase Haugen's restorative therapy program has already restarted.

Aase Haugen continues to test and require personal protective equipment be worn by staff and residents in accordance with the state requirements. "As we move forward, it will be important that our county's numbers stay in a safe range as well," says Bauder. "Many people don't realize that when the county numbers go up, the nursing homes are adversely affected because our testing requirements go up, as well as the expense to pay for those tests."

Aase Haugen continues to encourage families and friends to connect with residents by using video chat, calling, or window visits.  You can contact the activities department at (563) 382-3603 to arrange a time for a visit.