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Vesterheim Museum works on new display to replicate the sloop Restauration

Posted: Tue, Oct 6, 2020 11:42 AM

Vesterheim Museum is currently working on adding a new outdoor display that will replicate the 1801 sloop Restauration.

The Restauration is considered the "Norse Mayflower" as it carried what is believed to be the first organized group of immigrants from Norway to the United States.  More information can be found here.

When completed, Vesterheim's Restauration will measure 54 feet long and will be the same size as the actual ship.  The ship is just the beginning of the list of new things to see outdoors at the museum.  Communications and Marketing Manager Becky Idstrom says, "There will be some exhibition information around the outline. We anticipate a 12 x 12 map and text on the outside wall next to the outline of the ship. Lights will be installed to highlight the sail at night."

The completion of the park will be at the end of October.

Slooper descendants in front of a Restauration replica at the 1925 Norse-American Centennial in St. Paul, Minnesota
Vesterheim Registrar Jennifer Kovarik presents weekly livestream updates of Heritage Park on Vesterheim's Facebook page and