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Decorah City Council members will choose between two candidates to fill the vacant 5th Ward position

Posted: Thu, Oct 1, 2020 2:54 PM

It's official.  There will be two candidates for Decorah City Council members to consider when filling the vacant 5th Ward city council position next Monday evening, October 5th.

The deadline has passed for applying for the position, with two candidates:

Tim Felton is a Locust Road resident.  Felton is a retired Winneshiek County Sheriff's Deputy who previously ran for Sheriff.

Steven Zittergruen lives at 501 Leif Erikson Drive.  He spent his childhood in Monona, has lived in Wisconsin and Iowa and relocated to Decorah in January of 2017.

The vacancy in the Decorah City Council Ward 5 position will be filled by appointment.  The remaining six members of the Decorah City Council will vote Monday, October 5th, on which candidate should fill the one-year remainder of the 5th Ward city council term.  If members of the public disagree with the city council's appointment, they can put together a petition with at least 53 signatures of 5th Ward residents calling for a special election.