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Sale of North Winneshiek property is still a work in progress

Posted: Mon, Sep 14, 2020 8:36 PM

The Decorah School Board reflected Monday evening on the onsite work session that was held last month at the North Winneshiek property.

About 2 dozen community members joined the school board as they toured the building and grounds.  Many proposed ideas on how to use the property instead of selling it. Most of these ideas had already been previously explored by the board in the many  months that they'd been discussing the sale.  

Decorah School Board President Ron Fadness said, "Our goal is still how to make sure the facility is used at its best."  

Director Ben Lange joined the meeting via Zoom Monday evening and had many comments about how the Decorah Homeschool Assistance Program (HSAP) really struck a new chord with him after the work session. He'd like the board to dig in more to determine the relationship between costs and HSAP to see if there's any way to keep the group using the North Winn space.

The details of any sale are still up in the air, and the board decided it needed to dig in more to find out what a beneficial sale might look like.

Director Krista Vanden Brink said, "We still aren't satisfied, and we need more information before we proceed with anything."