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Winneshiek County is hoping to receive over $250,000 in COVID relief funds

Posted: Mon, Sep 14, 2020 3:13 PM

Winneshiek County will put in an application to be paid $253,446 in CARES Act money that's part of the COVID-19 relief package.

The money represents 25 percent of the salaries paid to county employees who have been involved in the local response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The application will be filed with the State of Iowa, which has received a CARES Act grant from the federal government to help cover costs incurred by local governments in responding to the epidemic.  Governor Kim Reynolds has allocated a total of $125 million of the overall federal grant to pay for local government for direct expenses incurred in response to the epidemic.  Winneshiek County will ask to be reimbursed for salary expenses from March 1st through June 30th.