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Northeast Iowa volunteers learn new techniques for preserving gravestones

Posted: Tue, Sep 8, 2020 10:05 AM
Jonathan Appell explaining techniques to restore gravestones

35 volunteers have taken part in a workshop to learn about some basic techniques to cleaning, restoring and preserving gravestones.  The workshop featured Jonathan Appell, whose focus was hands-on basic techniques for cleaning, recovery and repair of gravestones and their continued proper care.

St. Lucas Historical Society member Virginia Manderfield said "Our parish cemeteries could benefit so much from this kind of practical restoration expertise in order to save the older gravestones and educate our families on the importance of the cemetery heritage."

Workshop participant Mel Bodensteiner, also from of St. Lucas, said "I am really impressed by the very useful practical information that Jon Appell shared with us on how to stabilize, restore and preserve vulnerable gravestones.  This hands-on workshop by Appell showed us the proper techniques to clean and straighten out weathered gravestones. I intend to use this experience to help preserve gravestones in the St. Luke Parish Cemetery as well as neighboring cemeteries."