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There's an opening on the Decorah City Council

Posted: Mon, Sep 7, 2020 2:38 PM

There will be an opening on the Decorah City Council.

5th Ward Decorah City Council representative Johanna Bergan has announced her family is buying a new home--one that is not within the boundaries of the 5th Ward.  Because of that, she has submitted her resignation.

Decorah City Council members will have to decide on Tuesday evening how to handle the opening.  They have two options available:

Making an Appointment
The appointment must be made within 60 days of vacancy (In other words, by November 8th).
May not make appointment until after the vacancy occurs

Setting an Election
Election must be held and seat filled within 90 days of vacancy
At least 32-day notice is required to the Winneshiek County Auditor of the special election.