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County Auditor: The drop box at the Winneshiek County Courthouse is considered a valid way to return a voted ballot.

Posted: Thu, Sep 3, 2020 10:51 AM

Winneshiek County Auditor Ben Steines has issued a statement saying that the public can drop off absentee ballots next month in the Winneshiek County Courthouse dropbox—and be assured that their ballot will be counted.

The drop box can also be used at this present time to return absentee ballot request forms, voter registration forms or any other election-related material, says Steines.  The drop box can also be used to deliver documents, payments, or other correspondence to ANY office in the Courthouse.  During absentee voting, only the Auditor's Office will have keys for the drop box, but will distribute other materials to the other offices.  The drop box is made of heavy duty material, securely fastened, and under 24/7 video monitoring.

With the current health concerns, the drop box can be used to return materials to Courthouse offices and to avoid person-to-person contact.  All voters and people wishing to do other Courthouse business should use the drop box when delivering correspondence that doesn't require contact.  Says Steines, "The drop box is safe, secure and convenient."

Questions about this or other election concerns can be directed to the County Auditor at or (563) 382-5085.