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County supervisors will not appoint a direct replacement for Recycling Coordinator Terry Buenzow

Posted: Tue, Jul 28, 2020 10:24 AM

Winneshiek County Recycling Director Terry Buenzow will leave his position in mid-August to take a new job in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

Winneshiek County supervisors will act next week on a proposal to create a different position for one of the current employees -- "Recycling Department Coordinator" -- which will not have the same responsibilities as Buenzow did.

The change will allow the county to save by not paying Buenzow's $65,000 yearly salary, although it may have to hire more part-time help or give more hours of work to several existing workers.  Winneshiek County Supervisor John Logsdon says the change is part of "several operational changes" which might be made at the recycling center.