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Superintendents from NEIC meet to discuss ways to improve sportsmanship

Posted: Wed, Jul 22, 2020 2:56 PM

All superintendents from the seven districts that make up the Northeast Iowa Conference met on Tuesday afternoon to focus on a plan for improving sportsmanship within the conference.

The proposed initiative stems from an incident of racist remarks shouted at a Charles City baseball player at a recent away game.  Charles City School District Superintendent Mike Fisher presented a memo to all superintendents in the conference at Tuesday's meeting demanding that action plans be put in place to "make sure this never happens again, with clear metrics and results." (Quote from Charles City Press)

As further quoted in the Charles City Press article, Fisher said these plans would include "better education for parents, students and staff, higher accountability with game-site administrators, and a way of 'putting some teeth into accountability.'"

To assist in this process, superintendents agreed to form an advisory group comprised of students.  First, they'll invite high school principals and activities directors to discuss the idea at next month's meeting.  Decorah School District Superintendent Mark Lane says, "making students a part of our process" is important.

The NEIC has a set of by-laws describing proper behavior by students and fans.  However, the code is self-enforced, so, "we need to renew our commitment to one another," says Lane.

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