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New parking regulations are in effect Tuesday at the Daley Bridge on Cattle Creek Road

Posted: Mon, Jul 20, 2020 12:43 PM

Winneshiek County Supervisors have approved a resolution which will regulate parking by canoeists and kayakers around the Daley Bridge north of Bluffton on Cattle Creek Road.

Issues earlier this season led to complaints by neighbors of not being able to get their farm equipment to their fields.  The resolution approved Monday sets up a no parking zone 125 feet to the east entrance of the bridge on both the north and south sides of Cattle Creek Road and 125 feet to the west entrance of the bridge on the south side.

Canoeists and kayakers will have 10 minutes to unload without getting their vehicles towed away.  If they go past that limit, they could have their vehicles towed away.  County officials will put up signs giving the Winneshiek County Sheriff's Office as a contact point for those who need to pay to get their vehicles back.