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Winneshiek County Board upholds appointments of two people to the local Veterans Commission

Posted: Mon, Jul 13, 2020 1:04 PM

Several Winneshiek County veterans made their case to the Winneshiek County Board on Monday that the local Veterans Commission needs new board members.  Veteran Glen Larson told supervisors, "We have to get new people in."  He and others attended a recent meeting of the Veterans Commission to express his opinion, but he told county supervisors Monday, "You can talk to the wall all day and not get an answer."

Supervisors had previously held up the reappointment of two current commission members, noting that there were five candidates for the positions—but no interviews were conducted with any of the candidates.  The Commission then held those interviews and recommended existing members be reappointed.

County supervisors told Larson and other veterans on Monday that the Veterans Commission had done what was requested of them.  Supervisor Dean Thompson said, "I don't see a remedy right here and right now."  The board then approved the reappointments.