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48% of positive COVID-19 cases statewide are people ages 18-40

Posted: Thu, Jul 9, 2020 10:17 AM

48% of Iowa's 33,012 total positive COVID-19 cases are people ages 18 to 40. The second largest age group ranges from 41 to 60-year-olds and has 31% of the total positive cases.

While the 18 to 40 age group makes up almost half of the total positive case count, they also account for 47% of the 26,232 recovered cases. The 41 to 60 age group makes up 34% of all recovered cases.

Those two groups combined account for only 13% of Iowa's COVID-19 death count. So far, there have been 739 deaths -- 47% of those were people 80 years old or older, and 40% were people aged 61 to 80.

Locally, Allamakee County has 135 total positive cases, 117 recovered cases, and 4 deaths. Chickasaw County has 30 positive and 28 recoverd cases. Clayton County has 46 total positive cases, 36 recovered cases, and 3 deaths. Fayette County has 53 positive and 33 recovered cases. Howard County has 38 positive and 15 recovered cases. Winneshiek County has 43 positive and 24 recovered cases.

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