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Report on the City of Decorah bridges singles out Pole Line Road bridge as the most in need of repair

Posted: Tue, Jul 7, 2020 9:38 AM

The Decorah City Council has received a report on 2020 bridge inspections.  The document by WHKS Engineering mentions three bridges as needing work.  The College Drive Bridge is in good shape, the report says, but some damage done to the bridge by a collision on the northwest side should be repaired.  The bridge on Sumner Street over Dry Run Creek has some issues and should be watched for more serious problems.

The bridge in the worst shape, according to the study, is the bridge that already is on the schedule to be replaced—the bridge on Pole Line Road near the solar panel field.  The report presented to city officials says the bridge, which was built in 1950, has rust in the beams and bearings.  However, replacement of the bridge is scheduled, with the State of Iowa agreeing to pay 80 percent of the cost of the estimated $807,000 project.  The proposed new structure will be 70 long and 36 feet wide.  Bids on the new bridge are scheduled to be opened by the Iowa DOT in February of 2021, with construction starting in the summer of 2021.